Our promotion of young talent.

Staying innovative means welcoming new ideas, viewpoints and approaches. That’s why promoting young talent is particularly important to us at Schoeller. We support young people in their career orientation, for example through local initiatives, campaigns such as Girls Day or internships for high school and university students. We also offer many opportunities for apprenticeships or dual studies, thus providing young people from Mechernich and the surrounding area with stable prospects in the Eifel region – with genuine opportunities for one of the many different jobs at the Hellenthal plant.

Dual studies

Our dual study programmes are all about taking on responsibility at an early stage. We offer various work placements to be combined with academic study in order to cover a wide range of subjects. Depending on the subject, we cooperate with the CBS International Business School in Cologne or RWTH Aachen University. During the practical phases, students gain insights into all departments at Schoeller, enabling them to find out where their passion and personal strengths lie.

Apprenticeship as an industrial clerk

During this apprenticeship, prospective industrial clerks learn about various company processes and how the individual departments work together. The focus here is on business administration. Apprentices also gain insight into production and learn more about many different areas of operation, such as materials management, finance and human resources, order management and product management.

Apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic

The tasks of an industrial mechanic include maintenance, facility management and tool management. Apprentices learn everything about manufacturing and repairing components, helping to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the company. Training takes place in a state-of-the-art training workshop and on manual and CNC-controlled machines.

Apprenticeship as an electronics technician for industrial engineering

Training as an electronics technician is all about electricity and everything connected with it. The practical and project-oriented training takes place in various technical departments and deals with fields such as maintenance, facility management and tool management.

Apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator

In a highly technological company like Schoeller, the reliability of machinery and systems plays a crucial part. This is why we teach apprentices important tasks such as intensive monitoring to ensure trouble-free production, regular quality checks and how to rectify minor faults.

Apprenticeship as materials tester

Premium quality without compromise is Schoeller’s trademark. Apprentices learn exactly what that means and how to ensure that only flawless products leave the plant. The training includes examination of metals, ceramic materials and various plastics, as well as performing physical measurements.

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