More than 40 apprentices

We attach great importance to personality, expertise and practical orientation




Talented young employees that are specifically trained within the company and hence well qualified are one of the secrets of Schoeller Werk's success. That is why Schoeller provides annual training to apprentices in interesting technical and commercial occupations, attaching great importance to the acquisition of specialist knowledge, but also to a strong practical orientation.

Teamwork skills, a sense of responsibility, and flexibility are attributes that are very important in every occupation and career. Schoeller Werk therefore encourages these attributes, but also many other important qualities already at the vocational training stage.

Throughout the entire training period, career entrants are looked after by qualified trainers and specialists, who are simultaneously available as contact persons. Based on the close collaboration and support, the strengths of each apprentice are identified and individually encouraged.

Schoeller Werk challenges and encourages young talent through varied activities and various project tasks within the company. In order to prepare apprentices professionally for the constantly increasing requirements to which they will be exposed in the world of work, specialist and methodological skills are additionally promoted by means of various in-house further training programmes. Over the course of time, practically oriented tasks, and hence the apprentices' experience, increase, resulting in their being perfectly prepared for career entry.

In order to promote the interpersonal and social skills of the new blood, we undertake various social activities together with the apprentices, for example apprentice training courses, apprentice outings and visits to suppliers' and customers' factories.

You can find more detailed information about the individual skilled industrial trades under Jobs/Online Application or in our current training brochure in the download area, or you can click the following CCI button to access the CCI's online exchange for apprenticeships.


Advertised apprenticeships can be found under Jobs/Online Application.


Selection procedure

In the annual selection procedure, all applicants for an apprenticeship who fulfil the required minimum qualifications are initially invited to participate in an online assessment. As the invitation is made via email, we would ask all applicants to indicate a current email address in their application and to retrieve their emails regularly during the application process. You have three weeks to perform the online assessment, starting from the date on which you are invited.

A successful assessment phase is followed by the second stage of the selection procedure: the interview. The final stage is to select the future apprentices from all the applicants that attend for interview.



We offer qualified applicants an integrated degree study programme in Industrial Management or industrial engineering in collaboration with the European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) in Brühl. In a three-monthly cycle, theoretical phases at the university alternate with "training-on-the-job" practical phases in our company.

More detailed information is available at and in our current training brochure in our download area.

Advertised study places can be found under Jobs/Online Application.


Selection procedure

You should initially send your application for an integrated degree study  programme to Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG. We will then provide you with further written information about the application process for the European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH).

If you have initially applied to the European University of Applied Sciences and been advised by the University to apply to us, you can make an Online Application to us.

Once you have applied to the EUFH, you will receive an invitation to attend an assessment centre in Brühl (or, on request, in Neuss). If you have been given eligibility to enrol by the EUFH, you will be part of the process for selecting candidates for the interviews at Schoeller Werk. The final stage is to select the future integrated degree programme students from all the applicants that attend for interview.



Should you still have any questions about the training programme or integrated degree studies, you can contact us at any time. Our personnel team will be pleased to be of assistance and looks forward to receiving a call from you.

To find the right contact person for your questions without delay, visit our Personal/Organisation service area