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Schoeller has stood for premium quality and the highest standards since 1827. As one of the leading manufacturers of longitudinally welded and redrawn stainless steel tubes on the European market, we know what matters: precisely tailored products and services for our customers as well as constant innovation for ever better solutions. With unique expertise, passion and reliability, we supply our global customers from the Schoeller plant in Hellenthal with products that enable stability, guarantee safety and increase efficiency. We as a company have just as high a demand for quality as we do for sustainability.

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For us, being a sustainable company means acting according to what is best for people, nature and the climate – here locally as well as worldwide.

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May we introduce? New Workwear for Office Employees. After thorough testing and extensive feedback from our colleagues, we decided to switch to new workwear from Mascot in March. Since then, we have successfully outfitted all employees in production and maintenance department and activated the specially established Mascot Shop. Now, it's the administration's turn: All office employees have been invited to choose a high-quality yellow softshell jacket with reflective elements or a black softshell jacket, as well as a polo shirt or t-shirt. icon icon That’s distinguished! Two Schoeller employees are now officially SDG Scouts® in the Euskirchen district What does that mean? With the multi-part workshop and training series “SDG Scouts® - businesss”, employees from all sectors have the opportunity to actively promote sustainability in their companies. The aim of the workshop is to reflect upon the 17 Sustainable Development Goals framed by the United Nations to identify effective potential for improvement in your own company and to develop your own practical project. icon icon Visit from the „Bundesverband Deutscher Stahlhandel“ – because a practical demonstration is far more memorable than a theoretical lecture As part of the working group of young steel traders, BDS AG - Bundesverband Deutscher Stahlhandel (Federal Association of German Steel Traders) organizes training programs for prospective steel traders in the form of workshops and company visits. This spring semester, the main topic on the agenda was tubes. icon icon