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Precise Determination and documentation of surface roughness values at Schoeller Werk 

To ensure compliance with relevant standards in the food and medical technology sector, Schoeller Werk will from now on use a new surface roughness meter (profilometer). This allows stainless steel tubes to be precisely tested at each 10th or 20th standard production length. What is more, the leading manufacturer of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes can now measure the surface roughness values in both longitudinal and transverse directions. Customers will in future benefit from optimised products with even faster availability.

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Terminals in production ensure transparency

Schoeller Werk is becoming even more digital and has acquired 23 info terminals, which have been positioned in the production halls for general use. The terminals provide employees with access to the intranet and homepage of Schoeller Werk. This means that production employees are always informed about the latest developments at Schoeller Werk without an assigned workstation or Computer.

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Schoeller Werk on track for growth

Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG is putting itself on a new footing as part of its future concept and further expanding the company's position as a specialist in the manufacture of premium-quality welded and drawn stainless steel tubes. With the aim of achieving a more flexible strategic realignment, AK Feinrohr GmbH, based in Neuhaus am Rennweg, is now part of the Schoeller Group. With the acquisition of AK Feinrohr, Schoeller Werk is capturing significant synergies in the production of stainless steel tubes: AK Feinrohr specializes in the production of cold redrawn precision tubes, and its know-how at the production site in Thuringia will complement Schoeller Werk’s existing portfolio. Customers of both companies will benefit from a high degree of flexibility when ordering top-quality stainless steel tubes.

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