Applications in the automotive sector.

Innovation drivers and world market leaders in the automotive sector use cutting-edge technology from Schoeller. Our stainless steel tubes meet the highest demands of modern automotive engineering. In the search for ever better solutions along the entire value chain, here too we work closely with our customers from the very beginning. They use welded and drawn stainless steel tubes from Schoeller and trust us as an experienced manufacturer and a reliable partner.

Longstanding partner in the international market.

We provide impressively high-quality, durably reliable technologies, such as those used by manufacturers for tube couplings, high-temperature sensors, injection systems and fluid lines. Our welded and redrawn stainless steel tubes effectively help increase performance and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. As a certified supplier, Schoeller Werk is a long-standing partner of international OEMs, first-tier and second-tier suppliers to the automotive industry.

Applications in the automotive sector.

Schoeller Werk’s wide range of products is used in many demanding areas of the automotive industry, for example:

  • Pipes
  • EGR systems
  • Tank filling systems
  • Rails
  • Exhaust systems
  • Injectors
  • Brackets
  • Glow plugs
  • Other applications
Safety and functionality without compromise.
Automotive contacts
Bernd Jansen Sales Director Automotive +49 2482 81 5722
Jan Brilling Sales Manager +49 2482 81 3859
Sandra Jäger Sales +49 2482 81 247
Marcel Grommes Sales Manager +49 2482 81 5829
Stefan Reiners Sales +49 2482 81 216
Nils Fink Sales +49 2482 81 344
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