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News from Schoeller and from stainless steel production in Germany

The history of Schoeller – Automated production of rivets & nails In the last contribution to the history of Schoeller, we reported on the founding of the "Fabrik von Nieten" (rivet factory) in 1858. Today we would like to give you a new update to our story. The factory of rivets in Hellenthal is the second company in Germany to specialize in the manufacture of rivets of all kinds. As pioneers on the European continent, Theobald and Rudolf Schoeller introduced the automated production of wire nails, shoe and roofing felt nails, wire mesh, rivets and wire. Later, nails made of copper, brass and aluminum as well as copper washers and boat and slate nails were also added. icon icon 38th endurance run in the Severinsviertel Last Sunday our team successfully participated in the “38th endurance run in the Severinsviertel”. There were two runs of 5 and 10 kilometers in the best weather through Cologne and along the Rhine. icon icon Schoeller invests in competitiveness and future viability In order to secure the business model and the approximately 800 jobs in Hellenthal, we have decided to set the necessary course for our further corporate development. The aim is to achieve higher productivity and profitability. To achieve that, we will invest a three-digit million euro sum in our own competitiveness and future viability over the next 10 years. icon icon The history of Schoeller – 1827: The foundation of the company The mining of iron ore and its further processing into fresh or wrought iron played an important role in the Eifel region as early as in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Even today, many traces from the early beginnings of the iron industry can be found around Schleiden. icon icon Schoeller rolls out ECG process in series production For almost two years, Schoeller has been intensively testing a complex process that is still rarely used in metal processing: electrochemical cut-off grinding (abbreviated ECG for Electro Chemical Grinding). icon icon Installed new water dispensers & distributed stainless steel drinking bottles In the last few weeks, we have installed a total of 22 new BWT water dispensers at Schoeller. At the same time, all colleagues received an individually printed stainless steel bottle with the Schoeller logo, so that everyone always has a clean and hygienic drinking bottle. icon icon World Cup betting game completed Many thanks to over 80 colleagues who took part in the World Cup betting game and hotly discussed and speculated during the World Cup! icon icon Schoeller donates to Hellenthal youth fire brigade At the end of the year, Schoeller had a surprise for its employees: For the first time, an internal Christmas party took place at the Hellenthal site. At the same time, employees and the company wanted to do something good for the community and its citizens and thank them for the good cooperation in Hellenthal. icon icon Schoeller Christmas Party 2022 We look back on a wonderful Christmas party and would like to thank all of our colleagues who made this celebration so unique! icon icon