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May we introduce? New Workwear for Office Employees. After thorough testing and extensive feedback from our colleagues, we decided to switch to new workwear from Mascot in March. Since then, we have successfully outfitted all employees in production and maintenance department and activated the specially established Mascot Shop. Now, it's the administration's turn: All office employees have been invited to choose a high-quality yellow softshell jacket with reflective elements or a black softshell jacket, as well as a polo shirt or t-shirt. icon icon That’s distinguished! Two Schoeller employees are now officially SDG Scouts® in the Euskirchen district What does that mean? With the multi-part workshop and training series “SDG Scouts® - businesss”, employees from all sectors have the opportunity to actively promote sustainability in their companies. The aim of the workshop is to reflect upon the 17 Sustainable Development Goals framed by the United Nations to identify effective potential for improvement in your own company and to develop your own practical project. icon icon Visit from the „Bundesverband Deutscher Stahlhandel“ – because a practical demonstration is far more memorable than a theoretical lecture As part of the working group of young steel traders, BDS AG - Bundesverband Deutscher Stahlhandel (Federal Association of German Steel Traders) organizes training programs for prospective steel traders in the form of workshops and company visits. This spring semester, the main topic on the agenda was tubes. icon icon Country tour: political group chairwoman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen came to visit the Eifel region Wibke Brems, political group chairwoman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in the NRW state parliament since August 2022, and Martin Metz (spokesperson for cycling, road and air traffic) went on a tour of rural areas in the Euskirchen district last Thursday. Stop-off point on the tour: Schoeller. icon icon Educational cooperation: FocusRostfrei and Schoeller celebrate another successful ROHR seminar! This year's FocusRostfrei ROHR Seminar from 3 to 5 June 2024 in Hellenthal and Steinfeld was once again about “all things” stainless steel tubes: It dealt comprehensively with market-influencing topics such as manufacturing processes and standardization, materials and corrosion, areas of application & success stories with stainless steel (tubes) as well as the current market situation with regard to growth, trends and volumes. icon icon Celebrating Years of Loyalty: Schoeller’s 2024 Employee Anniversary A nice occasion for a relaxed gathering: on May 16th, we celebrated our first employee anniversary event of 2024, where we thanked 14 employees for their long-standing loyalty to Schoeller. We honored 10 colleagues for their impressive 40 years with us, and 4 more for being an integral part of our team for 25 years. icon icon Schoeller positions itself for the hydrogen economy: TÜV SÜD issues Schoeller certification TÜV SÜD issues Schoeller “Material resistance to pressurized hydrogen” certification without additional requirements and adjustments. As one of the leading manufacturers of premium-quality welded and drawn stainless steel tubes on the European market, Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG is positioning itself as a pioneer in the use of hydrogen and hydrogen application. icon icon Second time hosting by Schoeller: FocusRostfrei ROHR Seminar Building and expanding knowledge and skills in your own professional field, keeping up to date with new developments and technologies as well as keeping specialist knowledge up to date – that's what the FocusRostfrei ROHR seminar from June 3 - 5, 2024 in Hellenthal and Steinfeld is all about. icon icon It’s a wrap – A cinematic recap of a successful Tube 2024 Once again Schoeller returned and exhibited at the renowned and well-known Tube fair in Düsseldorf from April 15th to April 19th, 2024. As the world's leading trade fair for the tube industry, the fair attracts industry leaders from around the world. icon icon Schoeller at Tube 2024! Schoeller is set to return to Tube 2024, taking place from April 15th to 19th in Düsseldorf, Germany. As a well-known fair for the tube and pipe industry, Tube attracts industry leaders from around the globe. icon icon Focus on site development: regional mayors visit Schoeller At the beginning of the week, we had the opportunity to welcome the mayors from the southern municipalities of the Euskirchen district - Mr. Westerburg from Hellenthal, Mr. Pfennings from Schleiden, and Mr. Esser from Kall – on site at Schoeller (from left to right in orange vests). icon icon A new look for security – MASCOT workwear for the employees After extensive testing of various suppliers and evaluation of employee feedback, Schoeller has selected MASCOT as the new supplier for necessary workwear. This decision was made carefully to provide our employees with the highest level of comfort, functionality, and safety. icon icon Stainless steel tubes for the whole world – a report from “Zukunftsinitiative Eifel“ As a follow up to the EIFEL Award 2023, we had an editor from „Zukunftsinitiative Eifel“ on site. The result: a crisp and apt report. “Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the manufacture of welded and redrawn stainless steel tubes and thus plays a leading role in the European market. Highest quality from the Eifel region - this is how the Hellenthal-based company stands up to international competition.“ (Link to German article) icon icon Job profile Energy Manager – Focus on sustainability As one of the leading manufacturers of welded and redrawn stainless steel tubes on the European market, we produce over 80,000 kilometers of stainless steel tubes every year. The outcome is a yearly demand of over 30 million kWh of electrical energy per year - equivalent to the consumption of around 8,400 single-family homes. Marian Jansen, Energy Manager at Schoeller, is ensuring that the company achieves the transformation to climate neutrality by 2035. icon icon Dynamic heat exchanger market drives the trend towards welded stainless steel tubing We shared how the dynamic growth of the heat exchanger market poses new challenges for manufacturers as well as opens new doors and opportunities with the trade press. Read the whole article on pages 34-35 of the Heat Exchanger World magazine about how Schoeller has anticipated the rising market needs and outlined the increasingly important role of stainless steel in heat exchangers. icon icon Schoeller receives EIFEL Award 2023 Since 2009 "Zukunftsinitiative Eifel" has been presenting the EIFEL Award to acknowledge initiatives, projects or companies for their drive and commitment regarding a specific topic. Six companies from the Euskirchen district were among the winners of the EIFEL award 2023, which were presented in Simmerath on January 23, 2024 - including Schoeller with its climate neutrality measures up to 2035. icon icon Chairman of “Hilfsgruppe Eifel” came to visit Willi Greuel, chairman of “Hilfsgruppe Eifel”, an institution advocating for children with cancer, visited Schoeller for a press and photo session. In December, Schoeller's works council initiated a fundraising campaign that raised 5,000 euros for the institution. The management and works council had therefore invited to the symbolic presentation of a donation cheque. In return, Schoeller gratefully accepted a certificate for the support. (Link to German article) icon icon With a lot of skill and tact In addition to thanking the whole team, the Schoeller Winterzauber 2023 once again was about commitment to the region and strengthening the company's social awareness: In our small estimation sweepstake this year, each attempt contributed one euro to the total donation - a total of €1,000 could be transferred to Tafel Kall e.V. icon icon Hellenthal-based tube manufacturer Schoeller invests 40 million euros this year In an interview with Ramona Hammes from the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, Alexander Mertens explains the continuation and implementation of the plans and multi-million investments in Hellenthal, also linked to climate neutrality, personnel and the market situation. The Schoeller ship remains on course in terms of site development: "I helped to work this out. I am convinced of it. We will continue with absolute consistency." (Link to German article) icon icon Schoeller wishes everyone a happy and healthy new year 2024 Hello 2024! Last year was not only exciting and successful, but also characterized by significant changes and considerable progress. As commonly known stagnation means regression, we are looking forward enthusiastically to the year ahead with all its planned measures and projects. We do not just have good New Year’s resolutions, we really want to get going! icon icon Festive greetings from Schoeller We‘ll keep it short - We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with your loved ones! May this festive season be filled with joy, love, and optimism. icon icon Schoeller Winter Magic 2023 Together with all our colleagues we brought the year to a close last Friday. In keeping with the theme of the event, a few surprises and some bewildered faces were included thanks to Magician Philipp Maier and his Walking Act. Musical entertainment was provided by the band Rostfrei from Bad Münstereifel, while ladder golf, a nailing competition or simply a leisurely round around the fire barrels outside contributed to a cheerful time. icon icon Things keep on turning.. As part of the development of a competence center in our laser welding area, we were able to reduce the ratio of scrap and significantly increase system availability by installing strip accumulators in the medium size range. icon icon Schoeller attends “Ideas Factory for a Sustainable Economy” as guest speaker Idea Factory for Sustainable Economy meets IHK Aachen Network for Energy and Climate Protection – Schoeller shares its goals of climate-neutral production On November 22, we attended the "Idea Factory for Sustainable Economy" at the Tuchfabrik Euskirchen as guest speakers. icon icon Happy 1-Month: Trainees & dual students get off to a flying start with us! One month ago, we welcomed 11 new trainees and dual students to our Schoeller family. One thing is certain - we are already thrilled and wish you all a great start! icon icon Schoeller pretty sporty again! An unforgettable day at B2Run Cologne 2023! On September 14th, we joined approximately 19,000 other participants for the 5.3 km run and entered the RheinEnergieSTADION with a breathtaking view. icon icon Schoeller participates in the trend towards heat exchangers Increasing environmental standards for heat supply to buildings and the trend towards curbing CO2 emissions throughout the industrial sector are driving demand for heat exchangers in industry and the energy sector. icon icon Schoeller adopts roadmap to climate neutrality Schoeller aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 at the latest and to have completely climate-neutral production by 2035. To this end, the owner and management have decided to make extensive investments to reduce energy consumption, recover energy, and move into in-house generation. icon icon First application training from Schoeller! The first applicant training for students in the region took place on Tuesday, June 27th. at our Schoeller Werk - many thanks to all participants! We started the application training with a small round of introductions, shared initial career orientations and explored the expectations and wishes of the students. icon icon Successful ROHR seminar by FocusRostfrei in cooperation with Schoeller We are proud to have been a cooperation partner of the first ROHR seminar from the publisher FocusRostfrei, which took place from June 19th to 21st. On June 20th we were able to welcome the participants to our company and offer them an exciting factory tour. icon icon The history of Schoeller – Automated production of rivets & nails In the last contribution to the history of Schoeller, we reported on the founding of the "Fabrik von Nieten" (rivet factory) in 1858. Today we would like to give you a new update to our story. The factory of rivets in Hellenthal is the second company in Germany to specialize in the manufacture of rivets of all kinds. As pioneers on the European continent, Theobald and Rudolf Schoeller introduced the automated production of wire nails, shoe and roofing felt nails, wire mesh, rivets and wire. Later, nails made of copper, brass and aluminum as well as copper washers and boat and slate nails were also added. icon icon 38th endurance run in the Severinsviertel Last Sunday our team successfully participated in the “38th endurance run in the Severinsviertel”. There were two runs of 5 and 10 kilometers in the best weather through Cologne and along the Rhine. icon icon Schoeller invests in competitiveness and future viability In order to secure the business model and the approximately 800 jobs in Hellenthal, we have decided to set the necessary course for our further corporate development. The aim is to achieve higher productivity and profitability. To achieve that, we will invest a three-digit million euro sum in our own competitiveness and future viability over the next 10 years. icon icon The history of Schoeller – 1827: The foundation of the company The mining of iron ore and its further processing into fresh or wrought iron played an important role in the Eifel region as early as in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Even today, many traces from the early beginnings of the iron industry can be found around Schleiden. icon icon Schoeller rolls out ECG process in series production For almost two years, Schoeller has been intensively testing a complex process that is still rarely used in metal processing: electrochemical cut-off grinding (abbreviated ECG for Electro Chemical Grinding). icon icon Installed new water dispensers & distributed stainless steel drinking bottles In the last few weeks, we have installed a total of 22 new BWT water dispensers at Schoeller. At the same time, all colleagues received an individually printed stainless steel bottle with the Schoeller logo, so that everyone always has a clean and hygienic drinking bottle. icon icon World Cup betting game completed Many thanks to over 80 colleagues who took part in the World Cup betting game and hotly discussed and speculated during the World Cup! icon icon Schoeller donates to Hellenthal youth fire brigade At the end of the year, Schoeller had a surprise for its employees: For the first time, an internal Christmas party took place at the Hellenthal site. At the same time, employees and the company wanted to do something good for the community and its citizens and thank them for the good cooperation in Hellenthal. icon icon Schoeller Christmas Party 2022 We look back on a wonderful Christmas party and would like to thank all of our colleagues who made this celebration so unique! icon icon Christmas is where (you) are at home. Schoeller wishes everyone a Merry Christmas Season. Christmas is just around the corner and a challenging year for all of us is coming to an end. At the turn of the year, we wish you the silence to look inward and forward, in order to be able to make the right decisions with new strength and courage in the new year. icon icon Successful premiere of the United Industry Associations with the first „Dürener Compliance Symposium“. On November 30, the United Industry Associations of Düren, Jülich, Euskirchen & Surroundings organized the first „Dürener Compliance Symposium“ at the Dorint Hotel Düren. icon icon Schoeller wouldn’t be the same without your passion. Thanks to all colleagues for the great photo shoot, you guys are the best! icon icon Development department uses modern 3D printing technology To create prototypes and further technical development as well as to solve technical problems - especially with complex components - the team has recently used its own 3D printer, which is located in the development department. icon icon Thank you for a great “Job Fair Euskirchen”! On October 14th, 2022 we were exhibitors at the "Jobmesse Euskirchen" in the multi-purpose hall Mechernich together with 33 other companies from our region. We would like to thank the organizers and especially all visitors for the exciting discussions. icon icon Visit us: „Nacht der Unternehmen“ in Aachen! On October 25th, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the "Nacht der Unternehmen" will take place in the technology center Aachen. icon icon Stainless Steel 2022 in Maastricht Thanks to all employees, customers, service providers and suppliers for a great Stainless Steel 2022 in Maastricht. Many thanks also to the organizing team of KCI WORLD icon icon Change in the chairmanship of the works council After more than 37 years with Schoeller, long-time works council chairman Heinz-Bert Weimbs retired on September 9th. Manuel Pesch was elected as his successor. icon icon Come by: „Jobmesse Euskirchen“ On October 14, 2022, the "Jobmesse Euskirchen" will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Mechernich. Of course, our Schoeller team is also there and looks forward to numerous discussions! icon icon Schoeller goes JobRad For a little over a month, we have established the “JobRad” at Schoeller. The interim result is impressive: Nearly 100 employees have already received their new bike! icon icon New trainees & dual students! Welcome: New trainees & dual students! icon icon Schoeller Werk expands management Schoeller Werk expands management team Schoeller Werk, manufacturer of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes, is expanding its management team and has appointed Alexander Mertens (42) as Managing Director. icon icon Stainless Steel Maastricht 2022 In 2019, the last Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition took place in Maastricht icon icon After-Movie TUBE 2022 Challenging times in the global economy and geopolitical crises on the one hand, the joy of finally being able to meet face-to-face again and have expert discussions at eye... icon icon Schoeller plant expands product portfolio Further development at Schoeller Schoeller plant expands product portfolio Further development at Schoeller icon icon Schoeller Werk benefits from realignment despite difficult market situation. Despite rising producer prices, the Schoeller plant is benefiting from a realignment. icon icon Prize for the Hellenthal high performance sawing centre Prize for the Hellenthal high performance sawing centre icon icon The jobs will stay in Hellenthal At a works meeting, managing director Frank Poschen and works councillors Heinz-Bert Weimbs and Manuel Pesch announced that the180 jobs in Hellenthal will be retained after all. icon icon