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Our whistleblower system.

At Schoeller Werk, we believe in a culture of transparency, integrity and responsible behavior. As part of our commitment to ethics and compliance, we have introduced the whistleblower system. This system provides a trusted platform to anonymously report concerns, suggestions or information about possible violations of our company policies or legal requirements so that we can stop them.

The whistleblower system enables those affected to report specific and justified breaches of company policy without fear of discrimination or breaches of confidentiality. We want to ensure that potential problems are identified and resolved at an early stage in order to preserve the integrity of our company and at the same time promote an environment in which everyone can do their best.

We ensure that we do not take any measures to identify whistleblowers in the case of anonymous reports and guarantee that all investigations are carried out confidentially, quickly and fairly. Our top priority is the protection of whistleblowers, employees and those affected. For those affected, the presumption of innocence applies until a violation can be proven.

We encourage each and every one of you to use this system to help uphold our corporate values and shape our common future.


How your report will be processed!

When a report is received via the whistleblowing system – whether by e-mail, online form or post – it is processed immediately by a qualified investigation team. This investigation team specializes in handling confidential information responsibly and investigating reports systematically and fairly. It can be helpful for the responsible investigation team if the whistleblower can be contacted (e.g. via an anonymous email) in order to clarify questions that are useful for the investigation.

When a whistleblowing report is sent, the whistleblower first receives a confirmation of receipt. The report is then carefully reviewed and assessed to determine what steps need to be taken. If the assessment reveals an initial suspicion of a violation or abuse, a comprehensive investigation is initiated. During this investigation, the utmost importance is always attached to the confidentiality of the whistleblower. If the investigation reveals misconduct, the investigation team will impose appropriate consequences.

How to submit a report to our whistleblower system!

Whistleblowers have various channels at their disposal to report potential grievances and violations of our Code of Conduct relating to our company and our suppliers.

Whistleblowers also have the right to contact a neutral external authority with their report.



You can contact our information team via the following e-mail address:


Post and in person

Postal address:

Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG

HR/ Hinweisgeber

Im Kirschseiffen 1

53940 Hellenthal



In person: Please make an appointment in advance via:

    Data protection in the whistleblower system of Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG

    All data provided will be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations in accordance with our data protection principles.

    External neutral reporting channel for Germany

    Whistleblowers can also use the external reporting channel of the authority – appointed by the German government – to submit information.