Our products.

Schoeller’s product range is unique in the European market in terms of quality and variety, and it also covers a wide spectrum: from calibrated, unannealed standard tubes to annealed and redrawn precision tubes, with further processing into fixed-length components as well as defined end machining. In addition, our high-quality tube materials are available in a wide variety.

Welded tubes

The stainless steel tubes welded using laser or TIG technology reliably meet the product requirements of many specific applications in the automotive and industrial sectors. Our customers’ production departments benefit from the first-class quality of our tubes, which we manufacture on state-of-the-art machinery. High corrosion resistance, consistent mechanical values, high dimensional accuracy and surface quality are the success factors and are recognised worldwide.

Welded redrawn tubes

For applications that are beyond even our welded tubes, we have the right solution with our redrawn precision tubes. Individual tube geometries, very tight tolerances, restricted mechanical parameters and special surface qualities are achieved using sophisticated drawing processes and sequences.

A product range with long-term added value.

Our focus on innovation motivates us towards continuous optimisation in every area.

This is why we continuously develop our product portfolio and invest in state-of-the-art plant technology – always focusing on what the market demands and our customers need. The basis for the high quality of our products is a high-performance machine park, highly competent specialist personnel and complete quality management. In close coordination with our customers, we individually adapt dimensions, designs and materials. This enables us to reliably reproduce even the tightest tolerances with consistently high quality.

Welded and redrawn stainless steel tubes

Materials portfolio
  • Titanium
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Austenitic steels
  • Austenitic-ferritic duplex steels
  • Ferritic steels
Straight tube

Outer diameter:
Calibrated: 3.00 – 127.00 mm
Redrawn: 0.50 – 42.40 mm

Wall thickness:
Calibrated: 0.20 – 3.00 mm
Redrawn: 0.05 – 2.50 mm

Coiled tubing

Outer diameter:
Calibrated: 3.00 – 25.00 mm
Redrawn: 0.80 – 15.88 mm

Wall thickness:
Calibrated: 0.20 – 2.11 mm
Redrawn: 0.20 – 2.11 mm

Welding methods
  • WIG
  • Laser
Production lengths or fixed lengths

from 10.00 – 22.000.00 mm

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