Quality for highest demands

To understand why we do what we do, it makes sense to take a look at our company history, which is steeped in tradition. Since 1827, the year Schoeller was founded, we have always demanded of ourselves that we meet the high requirements of the market. This automatically led us to the realisation that we must have high standards for ourselves and our employees. Quality is the unifying element for both sides, enabling us to offer genuine premium products and reliably cater for changing product requirements.

“So right from the start, we have only been satisfied with the best, long-lasting products in premium quality. From the rivet to the stainless steel tube. The basis for this has always been the excellent work of our employees, whose skills are reflected in the high quality of our products. This special interaction was, is and remains the reason for our company’s success. On a human level, we also have high expectations of each individual, so we focus on good interaction with each other. This also applies to customers and suppliers, with whom we work together in a spirit of trust.

We create the best framework conditions to meet the highest demands – those of our employees, customers, partners as well as our own. To this end, we adopt a solution-oriented approach, always tailored to individual factors. Our large product portfolio also shows the variety of ways in which quality of the highest standard is reflected in our products and helps meet modern product requirements.

The origin of Schoeller, the brand essence and the reason why we do what we do can therefore be summarised in the following words:

Quality for the highest demands”


Since 1827, the constant demand for quality has characterised our products, work and organisation.

Loyalty to our values is reflected in particular in family ownership and in maintaining the Hellenthal site in the Eifel, the heart of the Schoeller Group. We maintain long-term employee, customer and supplier relationships and are constantly developing. From the very beginning, we have faced up to every change and mastered every challenge. This is how we jointly and sustainably secure the future of the company.


At Schoeller, we recognise the meaning in what we do and are proud of it.

Both joy and effort in our work weld us together, motivate us and make us part of the Schoeller family. This makes our products and services diverse and special. Together as a team, we stand behind the decisions, take responsibility and thus create the best results.


We keep our promises and pull together as a team in the individual departments.

We leave no one unnoticed and give each other mutual trust. This is how our cooperation and processes work in order to always and everywhere be able to keep the promise of premium quality. We let ourselves be measured by this and do everything in our power to deliver our services qualitatively, quantitatively and reliably.

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