Our sustainability promise.

Since the company was founded, Schoeller has placed the highest value on responsible action and sustainable production. Due to our location on the edge of the Eifel National Park, nature has a special significance for the people who work and make decisions at Schoeller. As a family business, we feel a special obligation to future generations and to the region.

Sustainable production in practice.

Sustainable management and production is more than just theory for us. With our own energy team, we work ceaselessly to optimise our company’s energy and environmental balance sheet and to fulfil our economic responsibility – for example, by using fewer resources, increasing the efficiency of our production and making our waste disposal management more efficient.

Transparent production for sustainable safety.

Environmentally relevant factors such as product life cycles and recyclability have long been important decision-making criteria. By maximising transparency, we help our customers meet legal requirements and make their own production sustainable and safe. This is also part of our sustainability promise.

Stainless steel tubes tailored fort he highest demands