Acting sustainably means taking responsibility.

Responsible thinking and action have a long tradition at Schoeller: Since our founding nearly 200 years ago, and as a family-owned business, we always felt a special commitment to future generations and the region. Especially because of our location on the edge of the Eifel National Park, nature holds significant importance to everyone who works and makes decisions at Schoeller. This is reason and motivation enough to collectively strive for our goal of producing climate-neutral by the year 2035.

Our steps to climate neutrality by 2035.

Increasing efficiency to reduce energy consumption
Substituting fossil fuels
Regenerative self-generated electricity
Integration of a hydrogen hub
We consistently drive ecologically sound solutions.

Our ambitious energy team works tirelessly on ways to improve Schoeller‘s environmental performance in well-planned, coordinated steps that are implemented consistently and with control. Among other things this includes reducing resource consumption through the modernization of our machinery and optimizing technical building equipment. Efficient heat recovery, regenerative self-generated electricity, and the establishment of our own hydrogen hub with an electrolyzer for optimized circular economy are also integral components.

Transparent production for more safety and sustainability.

Environmental factors such as product life cycles and recyclability are crucial decision criteria at Schoeller. Through maximum transparency, we effectively assist our customers in meeting legal requirements and making their own production both safe and sustainable.