Our quality promise

Since 1827, Schoeller has stood for premium quality made in Germany. With proven technologies such as TIG and laser welding and with the use of the highest quality materials, our solutions meet this requirement without exception.

Quality is stability.

At Schoeller, quality starts at the product development stage. Together with our customers, we design innovative solutions that simplify processes, optimise applications and make products more reliable. We ensure stability – both in terms of the functionality of machines and processes, as well as in economic terms. We see technological progress as an opportunity to offer our customers ever more efficient solutions and to secure their long-term future viability.

Quality is passion.

Excellent results require excellent work. With a passion for providing our customers with optimal solutions, we always set the highest standards for our work. Whether they are project managers, engineers or plant workers, our employees are characterised by outstanding motivation, skills and expertise. They are our most important resource and we do everything we can to retain them in the long term with secure prospects and an appreciative working environment.

Quality is dependability.

Schoeller also meets the highest standards when it comes to sustainability. We live and work on the edge of the Eifel National Park and pay attention every day to our precious environment. This is one of the reasons why it is our goal to make the entire value chain as sustainable as possible. Schoeller sees itself as a pioneer of climate-friendly production and aims in the medium term not only to meet the climate targets of the German government, but to exceed them.

Broad expertise and modern testing methods.

For us, acting responsibly and in a solution-oriented manner means regularly taking a close look at manufacturing technologies and processes, material properties and tube products.

At the Technikum, our in-house technology and testing centre, materials experts use state-of-the-art methods to ensure the quality of our longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes. The many years of experience and the expertise of our employees ensure that every single one of our products, from standard stainless steel tubes to precision tubes, meets our high standards. Our customers appreciate this. They benefit from maximum quality with short development times – the ideal prerequisites for a lasting, successful partnership.

Our test procedures for quality assurance:
  • Directional test lines for testing straightness, mistaken identity, eddy current and outside diameter.
  • Final eddy current test lines
  • Ultrasonic test lines
  • Integrated inspection systems
  • Air-under-water testing
  • X-ray systems for orbital welds and reinspection in case of anomalies
  • Residual particle inspection
  • Scanning electron microscope