Schoeller participates in the trend towards heat exchangers

Schoeller Werk GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality welded and redrawn stainless steel tubes on the European market, is participating in the strong growth in demand for heat exchangers. Above all, rising environmental standards for the supply of heat to buildings and the trend towards curbing CO2 emissions throughout the industrial sector are driving demand for heat exchangers in industry and the energy sector. Based on existing plant capacities, Europe is the largest market for heat exchangers. The German market, in turn, is currently showing significant growth rates. One of the factors contributing to this is the Building Energy Act (GEG) passed by the German government, which has now been combined with the Heat Planning Act and mandatory municipal heat planning, which promotes the expansion of local heating and the use of CHP units.

As one of the leading suppliers of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes, Schoeller already has a strong position as a supplier of heat exchangers and will therefore benefit disproportionately from this trend, as tube bundles are the most widely used type of heat exchanger. “Schoeller tubes exhibit particularly good flexibility for cold forming while at the same time being stress-free in the heating process. These are properties that predestine our tubes for use in heat exchangers, especially since we are observing that the trend among our customers in the chemical and energy industries is toward increasingly compact designs with significantly tighter material tolerances,” says Marc Jäger, Sales Manager for the Heat Exchangers, Refrigeration/Cooling Technology and Heating Technology divisions at Schoeller.


Responding flexibly to customer requirements

Schoeller customers can choose between different materials such as austenitic, duplex, titanium and nickel-based. Schoeller supplies the longitudinally welded tubes in calibrated, redrawn as well as solution-annealed versions in dimensional ranges from 3.00 to 127.00 mm outside diameter, wall thicknesses from 0.20 to 3.00mm and lengths of up to 22 meters. Upon request and if required, Schoeller adapts the dimension as well as the specific tube design to the respective applications.


Schoeller at the Stainless Steel

At the trade show in Maastricht this September, heat exchangers will again be the focus of interest for trade show visitors. Schoeller is therefore gearing its trade show appearance completely to this topic on the product side.The focus is on specific product features and customer benefits.The central idea for the trade fair is therefore: Heat exchangers with Schoeller tubes have a relaxing effect.With this, Schoeller alludes on the one hand to the special tension-free properties of its tubes, and on the other hand to the quality, know-how and consulting expertise that Schoeller has in this product segment. The motto: “Everything.For the best solution.”With this certainty, the customer can be completely relaxed.


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