Schoeller receives EIFEL Award 2023

The regional initiative “Zukunftsinitivative Eifel“ is responsible for providing important impetus, organizing internal and external communication and creating  connections. All of those aspects to bring ideas, institutions and people together.

Since 2009 Zukunftsinitiative Eifel has also been presenting the EIFEL Award to acknowledge initiatives, projects or companies for their drive and commitment regarding a specific topic.

Six companies from the Euskirchen district were among the winners of the EIFEL award 2023, which were presented in Simmerath on January 23, 2024 – including Schoeller with its climate neutrality measures up to 2035.

“Society, local authorities and the entire economy are currently undergoing a major transformation process towards greater sustainability. With the EIFEL Award 2023, Zukunftsinitiative Eifel honors companies that are particularly committed to this topic – especially on an ecological level.“ (EIFEL-Award 2023 | Wirtschaft Eifel)


Photo credit (Cover): Zukunftsinitiative Eifel c/o Eifel Tourismus (ET) GmbH