That's distinguished! Two Schoeller employees are now officially SDG Scouts® in the Euskirchen district and are driving sustainability in the company

What does that mean? With the multi-part workshop and training series “SDG Scouts® – businesss”, employees from all sectors have the opportunity to actively promote sustainability in their companies. The aim of the workshop is to reflect upon the 17 Sustainable Development Goals framed by the United Nations to identify effective potential for improvement in your own company and to develop your own practical project.

The program lasts approx. 6 months and was offered from spring 2024 at the “Ideenfabrik Nachhaltige Wirtschaft” (idea tank for sustainable economy) in Euskirchen together with the B.A.U.M. e.V. corporate network for sustainable business and the Office for Structural and Economic Development of the District of Euskirchen.

As part of the program, our employees collected sustainability performance in the company and identified corresponding potential for improvement. Based on this, the project team defined and developed a project plan with the aim of advancing at least one of the SDGs within the company.

By participating in the SDG Scout program, Schoeller gains valuable impetus for the further development of our sustainability strategy: Through the series of workshops and the sharing of knowledge and experience in the network, the scouts expand their skills in project management and sustainable design of the working environment and can share and apply them internally. In addition, there is fresh impetus for corporate development with regard to the sustainability agenda and improving sustainability performance.

We are proud of our employees and their willingness to work towards a more sustainable future – congratulations to our new SDG Scouts and thank you for your commitment!


Further information on the SDG Scouts can be found on the official website of the project or on the website of the district of Euskirchen.


As a network, B.A.U.M. e.V. is committed to advancing the central issue: a future worth living through sustainable management within planetary boundaries. Founded in 1984, the association now has almost 800 members and is a strong voice for sustainable companies and a driving force for sustainable development in Europe.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Commission for UNESCO (DUK) have awarded B.A.U.M. the “National Prize – Education for Sustainable Development” 2023 for the SDG-Scouts® project.