Second time hosting by Schoeller: FocusRostfrei ROHR Seminar

Building and expanding knowledge and skills in your own professional field, keeping up to date with new developments and technologies as well as keeping specialist knowledge up to date – that’s what the FocusRostfrei ROHR seminar from June 3 – 5, 2024 in Hellenthal and Steinfeld is all about.


Over the three days of the seminar, the focus will be on market-influencing topics in the stainless steel industry. Expert speakers will impart knowledge about the production, process engineering, marketing and applications of corrosion-, acid- and heat-resistant stainless steel tubes and create opportunities for exchange. In addition to the opportunity to make new contacts and thus expand your own network, there will once again be a factory tour in Hellenthal with exciting insights.


Visit for further information and registration.