The history of Schoeller - Automated production of rivets & nails

In the last contribution to the history of Schoeller, we reported on the founding of the “Fabrik von Nieten” (rivet factory) in 1858. Today we would like to give you a new update to our story.

The factory of rivets in Hellenthal is the second company in Germany to specialize in the manufacture of rivets of all kinds. As pioneers on the European continent, Theobald and Rudolf Schoeller introduced the automated production of wire nails, shoe and roofing felt nails, wire mesh, rivets and wire. Later, nails made of copper, brass and aluminum as well as copper washers and boat and slate nails were also added.

Thanks to these product developments and the foresight of Wilhelm Arnold Schoeller and his sons Theobald and Rudolf Schoeller, the old factory in Hellenthal was able to continue to exist and achieve great economic success until the end of the 1920s.

As a result of the global economic crisis in 1929, production came to a standstill. The foreign occupation after the First World War made things even more difficult. The establishment of the domestic customs border made it almost impossible to ship the goods to the previous customers in Germany.

At this time, Walter Schoeller led the company as managing director. He was supported by his brother Alfred Schoeller, who was a talented inventor and designer and owned an electronic factory in Frankfurt. Once again, a fundamental decision had to be made to save the company: a new product was needed as quickly as possible.